Hold Now and Get Passive Income

Crazy Doodle NFT is a collection of 555 unique NFTs on the Cosmos Ecosystem. Your Doodle doubles as grants access to exclusive features like passive income, NFT evolution, real life utilities, and giveaways.

​​More than 3 years passed the Covid-19 outbreak took place all over the world, everyone became an achievement because all activities were always restricted, causing unstoppable ​​madness in this world.

Let’s find crazy drawings in the form of doodle art on the Secret Network. Find and collect as many​​ as possible

Why Crazy Doodle ?

By holding one or more Crazy Doodle Art you get full ownership and access to unique features.

Passive Income

By owning a Crazy Doodle, you own a share of a hedge fund capital that allows you to earn passive income in the future.

For Upgrade NFT

You will get new unique additional NFTs that will give you more rewards.So go to Buy and Hold.


Phase 1

Publish All Crazy Doodle Site and Social Media

Publish all information about the project through the website and social media.

Phase 2

Minting All NFT Crazy Doodle

Madness is everywhere, and its time is described with an NFT.

Phase 3

Charity Donation

3 RARE  NFTs can buy back from user, We will be holding a charity auction for these 3 rare NFTs and the proceeds will be donated to charity.

Phase 4

Pasive Income NFT

To ensure Crazy Doodle’s Exponential growth and the rewards you earn form your Crazy Doodle NFT, 55% of secondary market royalties will be injected back into Crazy Doodle to  increase the Combined returns. Prizes will be redistributed to holders every month. The more Crazy Doodle you hold, the higher your passive income.

Phase 5



Crazy Doodle NFT

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